1. PACE 2000 Cultural Exchange:

This program currently uses audio-visual technology to facilitate
     contact between newly arrived immigrants and senior citizens with video-conferencing equipment
     placed in a select number of senior residences and centres in the region as well as the Catholic
     Immigration Centre. Seniors and newly arrived immigrants to Canada meet on-line to share
     information about Canadian culture and the local community. Here is an invitation to institutions such
     as colleges, universities, high schools, seniors clubs and interested individuals to participate and help
     the on-line community grow. Students are invited to apply for volunteer positions as intergenerational
     coordinators for the on-line community.

2. PACE 2000 Telehealth and Physiotherapy Coaching Project:

This program provides homebound
     seniors with a real-time Videoconferencing link to necessary medical services available in the City of
     Ottawa. Currently residents at the Perley and Rideau Veterans' health centres and residents of a
     seniors' apartrnent building meet every Monday morning for a one-hour exercise session. Participants
     receive real-time physiotherapy sessions and access an on-line goniometer to assess their range of
     motion. Here is an invitation to retirement homes, senior residences and individual homebound seniors
     to participate in the expansion of this project.

If any of these programs are of interest to you please contact PACE 2000 by phone (613)722-7400, fax (613)722-3938 or e-mail Volunteers@pace2000.org.

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