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Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard
Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard
PACE 2000 International Foundation

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PACE 2000 International Foundation is a Canadian charitable organization (Reg.# 892857962 RR 0001). The name PACE is an acronym for Programs for Autonomy and Communications for the Elderly.

The PACE 2000 mandate is to promote continuous communication links between seniors and young people through the use of new and developing technologies.

By fostering interaction between these two groups PACE 2000 creates opportunities for young people to acquire social skills, to develop professional contacts and to participate in cultural and linguistic exchanges. The interaction allows seniors to live longer in their own homes and provides support for their independence.

One of the main tools used by PACE 2000 to achieve these goals is the Intergenerational Virtual Village (mediated via the Inter-PACE 2000 Videoconference Network). For seniors residing in long term care facilities as well as for those who live alone, Inter-PACE Videoconferencing provides a window on the world. They communicate by way of their television screens, without the help of a technician, from one centre to another, to recent immigrants to Canada and to students in a French Immersion Sociology class.....even to a physiotherapist at the hospital.

The communication of sound and image was specially adapted by PACE 2000 to meet the needs of seniors and young people. The interface is easy to use, the characters and icons are large and the transmission of movement is improved through ISDN lines. Now little stands in the way of grandparents sharing with their young protégées (students, immigrants or little children) the jigs they danced when they were younger, the pictures of their old school houses, the beginnings of the sport of basketball etc.

Three types of programs are provided by Videoconference:

- in-home medical support
- recreation and intercultural sessions
- Education and linguistic programs.

The Intergenerational Telecommunication Network, Inter-PACE 2000 is a solution to many of the problems encountered by these two groups of people:

- the growing distress of young people and the social and medical problems associated with it;
- the isolation of seniors and the loss of independence and early death resulting from this isolation;
- the increase in health care costs, the cost of long term care in-home and in institutions;
- the spurt in population growth for seniors;
- the growing probability of conflicts in funding between the two populations at risk -- young people and seniors.

Lastly, in congratulating the organizers (PACE 2000) on June 23, 1999 Dr. Sidorenko (APE, United Nations) said of PACE 2000
"The organization responds to the priorities announced by the International Year of the Aged."

a transcript of the address delivered by Dr. Siderenko on the Newsletter page.


PACE 2000's Board of Directors
Douglas Angus (Honourary Member ) Vice Dean, Faculty of Health Administration University of Ottawa Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard, President PACE 2000 International Foundation  Jean-Robert Daoust Consultant, Research & Development
Agnes Fennell Founder & former CEO of Unitarian House Mathias Fruhwirth, P.Eng. Elect. Eng. VC Network Director Yvan Morin Senior Partner, Gowlings Co-Founder of PACE 2000
Jean Vautour, P.Eng. Civil Engineer, retired  Evelyn Shore, Community Care Access Center Board Director, Accounting Consulatant Liane Meunier, University of Ottawa Physiotherapy Undrgraduate Studies


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PACE 2000 International Fondation